Racing Game Mario Kart Comes To Life Thanks To NeoKarting

Summary: Fans of the Mario Kart Video game can now take the driver’s seat and play the game for real thanks to NeoKarting.  The popular game has come to life where fans can play Mario Kart for real in Montreal.

Montreal, Québec, Canada – Tuesday the 5th of June 2018. NeoKarting is pleased to share some very exciting news with gaming fans. The company is set to make people’s dreams come true by bringing to life the popular video game Mario Kart in Montreal.

Imagine living your childhood dream and playing one of the best-loved games for real. No longer do gaming fans have to imagine, now they can experience the fun of the Mario Kart game for real. Gaming fans can get in their own Mario Kart and collect objects just like the popular video game. The rules of the game are similar to the popular video game, but now, the excitement becomes more real.

Since the news broke, NeoKarting has been inundated with inquiries from gaming fans to find out when the new track will open. Well, now we can reveal the track will be ready later this year. Watch the video, and see why so much excitement has been generated and see the technology that is being used (

When asked why the Mario Kart game was being brought to life, a spokesman for NeoKarting explained: “We want to make Go-Kart races as fun and dynamic like computer games.”

Game lovers will be able to play the Mario Kart game for real thanks to modern technology. There is an interactive map with avatars of racing drivers. The players will be able to collect objects while zooming around the track and will be able to use the boost feature, or slow down similar to the video game.

What is very exciting is the kart itself. The kart will illuminate, which will bring even more excitement to the thrill of the game. And it doesn’t stop there.

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Alexandre Svergoun

About NeoKarting

NeoKarting is an innovative start-up in technology and entertainment. They want to revolutionize the Go-Kart industry by transforming Go-Karts races into a video game similar to the Mario Kart racing game.

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