NeoKarting is an innovative startup in technology and entertainment. We want to revolutionize the Go-Kart industry by transforming Go-Karts races into a video game similar to the Mario Kart racing game.

The racing driver of Neo-Kart is immersed in a video gaming environment. This environment has all the attributes of racing video game: the objects on the track that activate the “Boost” mode or the “Slow down” mode, the car illuminate according to the current mode, the visual effects, the sound effects, the “Turbo” button, the interactive map with the avatars of racing drivers etc.

To achieve these features, we designed the system that has two components:

  1. A kit that installs on an electric GO-Kart. This kit includes: computer, screen, sensors, LED strips, I/O card, GO-Kart control board, LED control board, WiFi, speakers, Turbo button, software etc.
  2. The equipment for the track: specialized projectors with computers, I/O cards, sensors, and software.

It is planned to open the first interactive track in the world in Montreal during the year 2019.